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  • What is the duration of hydrogen if I put it in a cup?

    Put atomic hydrogen water in a cup and stir it with a spoon, but it won't fly away. Hydrogen levels in the cup are maintained for about 6 hours, and sealed glass bottles, stainless steel for 3 months, and aluminium for permanent preservation.

  • Do you have any cautions when you are taking?

    Atomic hydrogen water is not recommended to drink together because it is considered toxic.

    Drinking water before or after 10 minutes.

  • Why does drinking hydrogen water lead to abnormalities inthe body or temporary increases in blood glucose and blood pressure?

    Blood pressure and blood sugar levels drop in about 10 minutes.

    Drinking atomic hydrogen water removes toxic, fat, and harmful substances in the blood and increases them temporarily in this process.

  • Are the effects of atoms and molecules different?

    Molecules are stable and have little activity.

    On the other hand, the atoms are strong in nature to be bonded and active, so they are excellent in elimination of toxicity and fat.

    It quickly engages with harmful active oxygen that is an atom and is returned to water and released out of the body.

  • What is the difference between atomic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen?

    The effect of hydrogen is strong because it is absorbed in minerals and enters the body.

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